Sunday, 7 June 2015


Today, I would like to talk about P-Patches.  These are basically community allotment gardens - land subdivided into smaller parcels of land that are then made available for individuals or families to do their own non-commercial gardening or growing of food plants.  In Seattle, these allotment gardens are known as P-Patches, apparently named after the Picardo Farm, the first such allotment garden in Seattle.

Within a few days of our move to Seattle, we discovered a P-Patch near the kiddos' school.

This weekend, we helped to set up the school's P-Patch plot (say that quickly 10 times). Apparently, the director of the school had waited fifteen (15!!!) years for a plot!  She was told she would have to wait 20 years, so 15 years is actually early!

For the past week or so, one of the daddies had been hard at work clearing the plot which was full of weeds and overgrown vegetation, and levelling the ground.
What the plot looked like when we arrived.  Note the mess of debris to the left of Little Man.

Since most of the hard work had already been done, we set up the planter boxes and filled in the soil.

The kiddos helping to mix the soil and level it out.

A morning's work with many hands - four planter boxes with soil, all ready for planting!  And the debris at the front of the plot - all gone!

The children had great fun helping out.  Since the P-Patch is on the hill behind the school, a two minute walk away (longer, for shorter legs), I'm sure they'll have a great time planting and gardening through the year. We are so fortunate that the school got it's P-Patch while we're here!

I'm looking forward to seeing the results myself.  Apparently, the rectangular bed will have pumpkins, the double height bed next to it will have bulbs, and the other two will have flowers.  How exciting!

(There are such allotment garden plots in Singapore too. I'm not sure where they are, but one of my closest friends has one.)

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