Friday, 10 April 2015

Trying to Find a Routine

I'm trying to find a routine that works.

Since the kids started school, after I dropped them off, I'd come home, catch up on my social media and then tackle the some housework. On days I go to the supermarket, I'd go straight after dropping them off, bring the stuff back, pack them then go pick them up. I pick them up at 11.30am, right after playtime. We have a snack at one of the tables outside school. They have some time either at the Pea-Patch (community garden) or the play structure (playground) before heading home. Once home, the kiddos play while I prepare lunch. Unfortunately, that usually means that lunch is pretty late, at 1+pm, sometimes 2pm. Then they play some more while I clean up. Then it is time for a nap while I start on dinner. However, they had been waking up cranky and wanting me. While I'm still in the midst of prepping, which is unpleasant all round. After dinner, they have a shower, spend some time with Daddy, and then it is time for bed.

I find this routine lacking, because they eat so late and don't get enough rest. I can't prepare dinner properly when Little Lady is crying beside me insisting I carry her. Come bedtime, because of the nap, they take ages to fall asleep.

Today, I tried something different. When I came back home after dropping everyone off, I started prepping for lunch (no housework today as I returned later than normal due to dropping the hubs off as well). I marinated the meat, chopped the vegetables and got the rice started. When we came back, I only needed to cook up the food and lunch was ready much earlier.

As we had an earlier lunch, we also had an earlier dinner. The kids were prepped for bed much earlier too, as I didn't get them to nap in the afternoon. Dinner prep was much smoother without the just woke up crankiness.

However, the children, Little Man, especially, were resistant to the idea of going to bed while the sun was still up (7.45pm). However, he was too tired to protest too much, and was asleep by 8pm. Little Lady, who normally tosses and turns up to two (2!) hours was asleep by 8.10pm. Fingers crossed that they'll sleep peacefully till morning, and wake up fully rested.

I'll try this routine out for a few more days and see how it goes. Hopefully we'll settle into something that works soon.

What kind of routine does your household / do you and your children have?

Little Man: 4 years 10 months
Little Lady: 2 years 9 months

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  1. Our routine is quite chaotic as we have to mange the 3 kid with all their extra classes and stuff. Morning is getting all to school so that I have 2-3 hrs to do grocery shopping, household and online work + cook lunch. Fetch the youngest from Kindy and get her fed before the others come back. If they are not having lunch then we start tution/homework half an hour after they are back, then the usual prepare for dinner, serve dinner, another 1 hr of homework/ tution then bed.



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