Friday, 6 March 2015

Free Fun Friday: Children's Garden at Gardens By The Bay

Where has time gone? I've been planning for this post for the longest time. Maybe a month now. Suddenly, I realise that it is Friday, and I haven't actually written the post. So I tell myself, "Next Friday". Then that comes and goes too. And again, and again.

The Children's Garden is located along the waterfront, just beyond the Cloud Forest heading towards Satay By The Bay and the Marina Barage.

The children's attention were immediately drawn to the Water Play area, but they were willing to be distracted by the Adventure Trail. This area is designed for six to twelve year olds, but Little Man managed the first three obstacles quite well. He really enjoyed the double rope bridge and went on it several times. The double rope bridge was beyond Little Lady's abilities, but she conquered the wobbly wooden plank bridge. What I particulary appreciated about the Adventure Trail is the arbour along parts of the trail. It definitely made play more bearable in the heat of the day.

Although there is a lot more to the Adventure Trail, but the children were eager to move on, so we visited the Toddler Play area. While the equipment here were definitely more age appropriate, the Toddler Play area is a lot more exposed to the elements. As we visited after lunch, many of the equipment were too hot to touch. Also, the lack of shade made it much too hot to play for any length of time.

The Water Play area was very exciting, with water shooting from the floor, and coming down revolving splines and being dumped from orchid-shaped buckets. The children had great fun running around here, as well as in the Fish Fountain area, designed with toddlers in mind.

We barely scratched the surface of what the Children's Garden had to offer. We will definitely be back for a second (and third, and fourth...) visit!

Little Man: 4 years 7 months
Little Lady: 2 years 6 months

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