Thursday, 6 November 2014

Free Fun Friday: Fire Station Open House

Every Saturday morning, from 9 am till 11am, fire stations across the island hold open houses (with the exception of the one on Jurong Island). Since we live approximately 5 minutes away, we visited the Sengkang Fire Station.

It apparently serves the largest area/boundary of all the fire stations, from Pulau Ubin to Braddell.

We were given a demontration of how quickly a fire fighter needs to put on his gear (1 min 15 seconds).

Little Lady enjoyed the ambulance most, primarily because its airconditioner was on.

While we were there, one of the ambulances was sent out on a call. I think is was a false alarm, because it came back shortly.

The highlight of the trip was when Little Man had a chance to try out the fire hose. He got to turn it off and on again! Super cool!

With Firefighter Kumar, who took really good care of us during our visit.

Fun aside, these brave men and women have a tough job - 24 hour shifts, lifting heavy loads, hot uniforms, risking their lives whenever there is a fire... but a very important job. We are very grateful for the the firefighters and paramedics of Sengkang Fire Station, and all the other fire stations in Singapore and the world over.

Little Man: 4 years 5 months
Little Lady: 2 years 3 months

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  1. So wonderful to see them holding hands all the way!



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