Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Time For A Cuppa: Road Safety Community Park

Many, many (many) years ago, when I still in primary school, one of the more anticipated school excursions was the one to the Road Safety Community Park at East Coast Park, where pupils would learn about road safety. The topic, while important, can be boring and dry, unless it was held at the Road Safety Community Park! Here, after the somewhat boring briefing, we were split into groups of pedestrians, cyclists or car drivers where we would put theory into practice! Of course, everyone wanted to be a cyclist, or better yet, a driver, because we would then be able to drive a go-kart! I was not one of the lucky ones, and got to be a pedestrian.

I'm not sure when, but sometime between then and now, the Road Safety Community Park was opened to the public. (Ok, M. Google informs me that the park is open to the public whenever training sessions are not scheduled since 2010.)

We brought the Little Ones, with their kick scooters there one evening. They had great fun, especially Little Man. He really enjoyed being able to scoot on the 'road'.

Pulling into the bus bay (as a bus) to pick up passengers.

Little Man topping up petrol at the Shell station.

He also visited the workshop for servicing, and got his vehicle inspected at Viacom. (Sorry, no pictures. I really need to work on that.)

Little Lady was more interested in going up and down the overhead bridge. (I think she was very pleased that the hand-rail was at a height she could manage.)

We mainly 'worked' on going in the correct direction, and stopping at pedestrian crossings. The traffic lights were not operational, so we just pretended that they were red. Little Man got such a kick out of me thanking him for stopping to let me cross at a zebra crossing, he insisted that I cross every single one he came across, even if he was way ahead of me. Lol.

Waiting for the trigger happy pedestrian to cross the road.

I think its fantastic that they opened this place up to the public. In addition to providing chiidren a place to learn and practice being safe road users, it is also a tranquil place where young children can safely enjoy East Coast Park, away from the crowds, and the serious cyclists, joggers and bladers.

Little Man: 4 years 3 months
Little Lady: 2 years 2 months


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