Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Camp Discovery @ Gymnademics

The September school holidays are coming up. Have you got anything planned for your pre-schoolers yet? If not, you can consider Gymnademics' Camp Discovery, run in collaboration with Junior Explorer.

The objective of the camp is to give preschoolers (4-6 year olds) an opportunity to explore and gain exposure to a wide variety and diversity of disciplines in a fun, intelligent and creative manner. The wide-ranging modules that the children will be exposed to include physics, geography, art, nature, biology, architecture, history, economics, chemistry and music. (Wow!)

Movement, balance and mobility activities will also play a key role in this camp. While they explore content-based subjects through a variety of hands-on activities, they will also be engaging in a series of exercises that seek to stimulate their brains, strengthen their body and enhance their body confidence.

Get 10% off the camp fees simply by telling them that you heard about the camp through us here at A Cuppa for Mama while registering! (This offer cannot be used with other promotional offers).

I am definitely signing Little Man up for this. I think he will have a blast!

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