Friday, 27 June 2014

Practical Fine Motor Practice

We discovered on this trip that Little Lady enjoys peeling hard boiled eggs. It's a good fine motor activity for her, and she has something to eat at the end of it! Win-win!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Perth Part 1

Hello from Perth!

We are here for a family vacation and the Little Man *loves* it here. Primarily because it is cold!

Although we were unable to get the bulkhead seats / bassinet this time round, we were able to get five seats for the four of us, so it was quite comfortable.

The children were entertained by the Angry Birds cards they received from the airline, and the inflight entertainment. Because we took the early morning flight and had to be at the airport by 5+am, both kids had a nap on the plane. Unfortunately not at the same time. The flight itself was rather turbulent. They had to stop service for a while while the stewardesses strapped themselves into the nearest empty seats.

Both children were happy to see their Grandma and Grandpa, who had travelled down about a week and a half earlier.

This is less a "catch as many sights and experiences" type of vacation, and more a "relaxing and spending time with loved ones" type. As such, we've been spending time doing things like blowing bubbles and visiting playgrounds.

At a neighbourhood playground.

Little Man: 4 years
Little Lady: 1 year 11 months

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Time For A Cuppa: A Chat with Little Lady

I had the sweetest conversation with Little Lady the other night.

The children were at their NaiNai's (paternal grandmother's) while I was at work and had just returned home. Before I could ask, she volunteered: "Meimei had fun (at) Nainai's house." When asked what she did, she responded with "Nap" and "Play"

A short while later, she pointed at my top (a striped one I haven't worn in a long time) and said 'Nice!' After a thoughtful pause, she said 'Mummy rainbow'.

My baby is growing up!

What are some signs that your little ones are growing up?

Little Lady: 1 year 10 months

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