Saturday, 31 May 2014


Little Man turned four today.


How did that happen? Where did the time go? It seemed like not so very long ago that my water broke just as I tried to change by position in bed early in the morning. When he arrived, he was so alert and aware.

One day old.

In some ways, nothing much has changed. He is still very vocal, and is a happy, cheerful and smiley boy.

However, so much has changed. He is now attending nursery, is fully potty trained and has his own opinions about everything!  He is a wonderful story-teller, and is so personable; he can hold a conversation with anyone.  He loves to sing and dance and jump about.  He has a wonderful imagination and can make up all kinds of stories with and for his toys, all day long. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is so loving and generous with his hugs and  "I love you"s.

Having him has taught me patience and to have more empathy. He has given me joy I never thought possible. Every day is an adventure and I am learning more about, and through him all the time.

Don't grow up so fast, Little Man. Mummy can't keep up!

This year, for the first time, we had a party at home for him. Previously, we had celebrated by having lunch at a restaurant with the grandparents, uncles and aunts. This time, we decided to have a small party at home with the same guests.

It was a simple affair loosely themed around Buzz Lightyear. Very loosely themed. Basically, it extended to the invitations and colour scheme. He also wore his Buzz T-shirt. I had bought Buzz and Alien cookie presses, but did not make the cookies in the end.

With the grandparents.

Family picture! (Photo credits: my brother.  Thanks, Kor!)

Still, I managed to bake a cake. Two, actually. I even managed to bake one for his celebration at school earlier in the week as well.

Celebration at school.

In line with tradition, I had his cake topper custom-made. I love the look of fondant cakes and how the decoration can be customised any way you like. However, I am unwilling to get fondant cakes for two main reasons. 1) Fondant tastes pretty yucky. 2) As they are made of sugar, the decorations, however fantastic they look, have to be thrown away. Furthermore, they are costly. I am unwilling to pay that much for something that does not taste good, and can only be enjoyed for a brief moment, and only in photographs thereafter.

So I have cake toppers custom-made. They are made of polymer clay, and every year, they feature some things that are special to Little Man. This year's topper featured a marble run (marble race), a pink pig (who is sometimes also Elly the mammoth from Ice Age), the binomial cube, some paints and blocks.

Does he like his cake and topper?

I think he does!

Happy Birthday, Son. Mummy loves you soooo much and is so proud of you.

Little Man: 4 years

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