Sunday, 27 April 2014

2 Degree Ice Art

Little Man had been watching Ice Age 2, and had been telling me that he would like to play in an ice playground just like the one at the beginning of the movie. When I learnt that there was an ice sculpture exhibit, complete with ice slides, right here in sweltering Singapore, we naturally planned a trip there. As we were in the middle of a heat wave, and since Little Man loves the cold so much, we just could not give it a miss.

Mr Cuppa bought our tickets (they were having a offer for the adult tickets, and the children entered free the weekend we visited), and I dressed the kids. Jackets were included with the tickets, so we had to rent them for the kids at $5 a piece. Because I'm kiasu (Singlish, literal translation: scared to lose. In this context - paranoid), I dressed the children in their own fleece jackets before putting them into the rented ones. I mean, who knows who's been in them?!?! Also, I wanted to be doubly (heh!) sure that they were warm. It's a good thing I did too, as there were many children there that day, and the jackets they each got were way too big for them.

The exhibit is held in a purpose-built hall kept at -15°C and features some 30-odd pieces of ice sculptures in the form of iconic world landmarks like London’s Big Ben and Paris’ Eiffel Tower amongst others. ept at -15°C and features some 30-odd pieces of ice sculptures of iconic world landmarks like London’s Big Ben and Paris’ Eiffel Tower carved by top ice sculptors of Harbin, China. Singapore's Raffles Hotel and Singapore Flyer make an appearance as well.

The ice were crystal clear, and Mr Cuppa initially thought they were plastic as they did not feel like ice - not slippery, probably due to how cold our fingers were at that point, and because it didn't melt at our touch.

It was difficult taking pictures while trying to corral a toddler whom I was afraid would slip and fall, and a preschooler who had no interest inthe sculptures whatsoever, and only wanted to get to the ice playground as quickly as possible. That, and it was not so easy to take pictures with smartphones with gloved (complimentary) fingers. Thus our own pictures are dark and blurry and I gave up after a while. The nice pictures you see in this post were taken from their Facebook page.

Both kiddos had great fun going down the slides. Contrary to what you might think, the slides were not at all slippery, until you near the bottom where there was a (very short) slightly steeper section. Therefore, we had to scoot down the slide on an increasingly cold butt, until gravity took over just before the end.  On my second run, I made sure that my butt was on directly on the slide, but that I was sitting on the long rented jacket.  This ensured that I did not have a cold butt this time round, with the added bonus of reducing friction so that we slid down much more easily. Another discovery, the slide on the left of the picture above is a little steeper, and thus more exciting.

Little Man also had great fun going down the main slide on a tube with Mr Cuppa. He also experienced 'snowfall' that the 'elephant' blew out. He was having so much fun, he did not want to leave. However, we had to as my feet were freezing from the snow that had found their way into my rather weather inappropriate shoes.

All in, it was a very fun outing for the family.

2 Degree Ice Art is located opposite Marina Bay Sands. It is easily accessible via MRT, and will be opened till 15 May 2014. Do consider paying a visit if you haven't already.

Little Man: 3 years 10 months
Little Lady: 1 year 9 months

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Eggs

Many apologies to my two regular readers (Hi Mum!) who were waiting eagerly for updates. Things have gotten a little busy of late. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

I hadn't actually planned any Easter related activities for the little ones. Fortunately, Little Man's school had organised a little Easter egg hunt on Monday. One of the teachers had dyed little quail eggs and placed two eggs in little recycled paper baskets and hidden them all over for the children to find. Little Man was most excited to show me the eggs and could barely wait till we got back to crack them open.

Once we got back, I gave them a little rinse (he had dropped them on the floor in his excitement), and let the kids have a go at peeling them open. Little Man first tapped them against each other. He observed that nothing flowed out of the holes, and that he could see the colour white. I started the peeling off and then let them at it. It is a very good activity for pworking on fine motor skills.

Little Man wanted to know if the quail eggs would have egg yolk and egg white just like chicken eggs, so we cut them in half so that he could see that they did.

Little Man : 3 years 10 months
Little Lady: 1 year 9 months

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Icy Fun on a Hot Day

It has been really hot around here lately, and the children have been asking for water play almost on a daily basis. Sometimes more than once a day.

Since they have been introduced to 'Ice Age', Little Man has been playing out various scenes with his toys. That inspired me to freeze two blocks of ice for him to pretend to be glaciers with.

On a particularly hot day, we set up the water table, and I added the two blocks of ice, along with whatever ice cubes we had.

Little Lady was busy transferring ice here, there and everywhere. At one point, she was very focused on putting all the ice cubes back into the tray. She played with the large block for a while, but enjoyed playing with the smaller ice cubes more.

Little Man had fun re-enacting some scenes from 'Ice Age', as well as creating his own stories. He also had a go at chipping away at the block of ice with some toys, putting into practice what he had learnt in school about solids and force.

Little Man has been asking me to make him more blocks of ice to play with. But I had just stocked up the freezer, so he'll have to wait till we use up some of our supplies.

As for the all the water we've been using, that does not go to waste - we use them fir watering our plants once the children are done with water play for that day.

Little Man: 3 years 10 months
Little Lady: 1 year 9 months


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