Friday, 28 March 2014

Sensory Play- Coloured Rice

Many apologies for the late post, and for missing Time For A Cuppa this week. Things have been going on in the off-line world that made it difficult, time-wise. To make up for it, here is a colourful post!

Coloured rice is really simple to make. I made it for Little Man a way back when, and forgot all about it until a friend made some for her daughter and posted it on Facebook.

What you need:
Rice (but of course), vinegar and food colouring. You only need a tablespoonful of vinegar for every cup of rice.

1) Take a tablespoon of vinegar and
2) Mix some food colouring. (Use less blue than you think you need, more red and wayyyyyy more yellow. I used 'egg yellow', which turned out more orange than yellow.)
3) Add in a cup of uncooked rice and mix well, ensuring all grains are coloured. I used zip-top bags to colour the rice in, but you could easily use a bowl.
4) Spread the coloured rice on a baking sheet to dry. I lined my baking sheets with aluminium foil first, for easier cleanup. They dried overnight. Do bear in mind that we were having a drought at that point in time. I remember they took much longer the previous time I made some.
Just hanging out, waiting to dry.

5) Have fun!

The Little Ones played with the rice in a variety of ways - feeling the texture and mixing it with their fingers, scooping with a ladle, play cooking...

with construction material...

in the water table...

It can be a *huge* mess. But it is good for their sensory development, and they enjoy it very much.

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