Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Time For A Cuppa: Longkang (Drain) Fishing

Brought the kiddos to do some longkang (drain) fishing the other day. Unlike back in the day, when kids used to fish in real drains for free, longkang fishing nowadays are more sanitised and commercial.

We first headed for Kids' Kampong, only to find out that they closed in December 2013. So we popped over to the nearby Mainland Tropical Fish Farm at 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1.

Half and hour of fishing costs $4. We got a bucket and a small net to catch the fish with. Try as we might though, we ony caught one fish. They like to hide among rocks and plants and are really, really fast. A better tactic would have been to get two nets, and have one person chase them from their hiding place and the other person can then catch them as they try to get away from the first person.

Anyway, they don't actually give you the fish you caught. When we returned the bucket with our one lonely fish, we got a packet with 4 fish inside in exchange. I guess that's so that children won't be disappointed going back empty-handed when they did not manage to catch anything. I am not sure, but I would think that they would give you all the fish you caught if you caught a lot.

We also bought a packet of feed at $1 to feed the koi with. Both Little Man and Little Lady preferred to practice their fine motor skills by pushing the pellets through the netting, rather than to toss them over to the fish.

All in, it was a pretty fun couple of hours.

Little Man: 3 years 9 months
Little Lady: 20 months

Time For A Cuppa #4


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  1. How cute and what a fun activity.
    Thanks for visiting and linking up.

  2. What a great way to spend an afternoon!

  3. So exciting to go fishing, when you're little :)

  4. I bet they were fascinated with the fish? Mine LOVE fish and sharks right now, all thanks to Nemo :) Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

  5. Those koi are huge! I've only ever seen them before in Sydney at the chinese gardens. Amazing, what fun for the kids :)

  6. Very cool. We are so lucky where we live that the kids can fish in the ocean on a regular basis.

  7. Hm. I've never fished.


    1. Hi Joyce,

      I'm not entirely sure it is considered real fishing, but it was fun nonetheless. :)

  8. Super sweet shots - and it looks like you had great fun, too! :)



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