Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Growing Up

Recently, the beautifully written 'Mommy, Somebody Needs You' was making its rounds on my Facebook newsfeed. I identified with every single word almost every word (my two still co-sleep with us).

Being needed 24/7 is exhausting. It can be frustrating, having no time to call your own, especially when there is work to be done, or posts to write. One gets used to having an audience in the bathroom almost all the time; I haven't yet managed to convince Little Lady that it will be much more pleasant if she waited outside for me.

However, being loved and needed so much is also extremely sweet. I am also fully aware that being needed this intensely will not last forever, and although it may now feel like I'll *never* get any time to myself, there will come a day when I look back and realise just how fleeting these moments were, and how much I miss them. And so I resolve to truely embrace and treasure these moments, rather than look forward to when I have some time to myself. Or at least try my best to.

Little Man decides to help strengthen my resolve by growing up just a little bit more.

It started a few weeks ago, when he decided that he wanted to try sleeping in his underwear instead of diapers (At night. He's been diaper free in the day for some time now, even for naps). He's been very good about it too. He has only had one accident, but only because I was doing some work out of the bedroom, and he could not rouse his father to bring him to the toilet in time.

Last week, he walked down the stairs to school all by himself. The first time he did so, he was accompanied by a schoolmate who was encouraged by her mother to walk down on her own. The next time I sent him to school, he said that he wanted walk down by himself, always.

On Saturday, at the end of a visit to Grandma's, Little Man asked if he could have a sleep-over that night. Surprised, I said 'Of course!' We had broached the idea before, since Grandma is his secondary caregiver and he often has his afternoon nap there, but his answer then was a polite 'Not today.'

This time, he very readily and cheerfully bid us goodbye. He did really well too! Mum said he only woke once at 4:20 am and asked for me. He accepted her explanation that it was too late for me to go and pick him up. He managed to talk her into letting him play until 5am, though! Lol. I am soooo proud of him! This was his first night he has slept away from home without me. And only the second time he's spent the night away from me! (The first time was when I was had Little Lady.). Well done, Little Man! Mummy's so proud of you!

I guess it's always a little bittersweet for parents when our children grow up and become more independent? On the one hand, I'm so proud of him, on the other hand, I wish he could stay little for just a while more... How conflicting! I guess that's why the saying that we need to give our children both roots and wings come from.
Have your Little Ones shown more independence recently? How do you feel about it?

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