Saturday, 15 March 2014

Cardboard Fun

Ever since I became a mother, I horde odd things like empty toilet roll holders, empty bottles and empty boxes, convinced that they will prove themselves useful at some point or other.

Recently, we saw some chariots made from cardboard boxes at Little Man's school, and Little Lady was rather fascinated with them.

That inspired me to go through my horde and make something myself. I got out a cardboard box, some raffia string and tape. I folded all the flaps and taped them to the sides of the box. I used the raffia to make handles along the length of the box and viola! A cardboard vehicle! I had planned to add paper plates for wheels, and to draw in the doors and windows to turn it into a car, but Little Lady wanted to play with it immediately.

I then discovered that I did not have any paper plates and considered cutting circles out of construction paper for the wheels. By this time, however, the children have played with this as a car, a bus, a train and a boat.

And even pretended to be a cat curled up in a box.

Since the box has proven itself to be very versatile on its own, sparking the children's imagination, I'm not going to decorate it, but will leave it as it is.

What fun have you had in your home with cardboard?

Little Man: 3 years 9 months
Little Lady: 20 months

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