Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pancake Art

The Little Man *loves* pancakes. The Little Lady enjoys them too, though not as much as her brother does.

Sometimes, Little Man asks for some "pancake art", which I started doing for him some time back, inspired by Jim's Pancakes. His requests usually involve buses, numbers and letters.

He did not request for anything in particular this weekend, so I decided to make some pancake faces. It is very easy, and I had lots of fun.

First, mix up some pancake batter. You can use your favorite recipe, or any boxed mix.

Next, fill a condiment bottle with the batter. You know, this stuff:

Draw the eyes and mouth on a hot pan.

Cover with more batter. (Looks like a regular pancake here.)

But when you flip it over...Tada!

Have a blast!

Little Man always has great fun eating his pancake art.

How do you make meals fun and enticing for your little ones?

Little Man: 3 years 8 months


  1. WOW that is great, thanks, my kids always want me to make shapes, I've never thought of doing this, until now. Found you via Trish's WW - Emily

    1. Thanks for visiting, Emily! Hope your kids enjoy their shaped pancakes!

  2. Great idea! I was actually planning to make pancakes for brekky tomorrow actually... so this would be a lovely extra surprise for the little ones. Thanks so much for the idea!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Serenely! Hope your little ones enjoy their surprise!



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