Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Finger Painting

Little Lady was not very interested in finger painting the last time I tried it with her. However, she was very curious when Little Man was doing his butterfly crafts and wanted in on the action too.

So I set up some paint for her to explore.

Are you sure, Mama?

This isnt *too* bad.

I wonder what will happen if I move my finger back and forth?

Smear, smear, smear.

What's this stuff on my fingers?

Ah well, back to smearing.

It feels squishy.

Hard at work.

It's really squishy!

What *is* this stuff?!?

Hmm... Blue!

Spread, spread, smear, smear!

Let's try it on the table too!

Missed a spot!

And another!

All done!

Little Lady: 18 months

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  1. You're so brave to do this with her without a smock or plastic sheets all over the place! I'm too terrified of the mess to try it. Did you let her do this on ordinary drawing block paper?

    1. Yup, just normal drawing block paper.

      I really should put on a smock, but I kind of forgot. lol As for the table, the paint wipes up easily, so no worries there. Let Noah have a go!



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