Thursday, 19 December 2013

Our Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are up!

For some reason, I did not manage to take any pictures of the tree wiith the red or yellow lights on. So it looks a little odd here (to me, at least). It also looks a little lonely, without any presents under it. I've got to quickly wrap up the presents to put under it.

Both kiddos had great fun with the whole process, and Little Lady was very taken with the ornaments. She's quite good at not pulling off the ornaments after a few reminders.

Since both kiddos had so much fun decorating the tree, I also put up the felt Christmas tree I made last year.
Only this time, I made more felt ornaments, as there are two of them now. Also because it looked quite sorry last year.

Little Man requested shapes for ornaments, so here Little Lady is putting up a triangle.

Working together - big brother decorates the top of the tree while little sister decorates the bottom.

Little Lady testing to see if felt sticks to the wall.

Are your trees up yet? How did you keep your children from pulling off the ornaments?

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