Monday, 2 December 2013

13th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary.

We celebrated it yesterday as it was a Sunday.  We re-visited a place where we had considered holding our wedding, but did not for logistical reasons, Mt Faber.

We took a cable car over to Sentosa, where we had great fun on the Skyline Luge, both going down on the luge, as well as taking the chairlift up again.  We took up the 3 Luge and 3 Skyride package for S$20, which was a lot more value for money than the single Luge and Skyride package for S$13.  There was a 5 Luge and 5 Skyride package (at an even better value at S$28), but we weren't sure we wanted to go that many times.

After exhausting our 3 luge and 3 chairlift rides, we made our way back to Mt Faber and had dinner at The Garden, Spuds and Aprons at the Jewel Box, which, coincidentally was also hosting a wedding.

Hubs had the Pork Belly and I had the Mustard Roast Chicken.

The food was plated nicely on a chopping board and looked nice.  Unfortunately, they looked better than they tasted.  The flavour was sadly lacking.

The best dish was the Chempedak (a type of jackfruit) Bread and Butter Pudding.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo of it before polishing it off.

Fortunately, the view, ambience and the happy, friendly staff (bar one) made up for it, and we had a very pleasant time.

It was nice to go on a date sans kiddos.  (Thanks, Mum!)

Happy Anniversary, Dear.  Here's to many, many more.


  1. Happy anniversary to the two of you! Looks like a really fun date, especially without the kiddos! :)

    1. Thanks, Adeline!

      Looks like you had fun on your anniversary too!

  2. Sounds like an adventure, both the 13 years of marriage and the 3 times Luge and Skyride. Happy anniversary! ;)

    1. Thanks, June!

      You are right, they both were adventures! And well worth it!



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