Friday, 8 November 2013


These past two weeks have made me more aware of the frailty of human life, and how blessed I truly am.

A friend of a friend experienced amniotic embolism, a rare but serious condition, while giving birth to her third child.  The doctors saved the baby, but removed her womb, but she went into a coma for a few days. The last I heard, she was out of the coma, but was able to blink in response to questions only for a day or two.  She is now awake, but unresponsive.

A friend of another friend had a still-birth at 8+ months.

Yet another had a friend collapse and die after a run.

I am extremely blessed.

I had my children late in life.  Past the 'recommended' 35.  For both, the risk of Down's Syndrome was high, especially when they factored my blood work in the OSCAR test.  Fortunately, they both tested fine when I went for the Amniocentesis test.

A note about the OSCAR and amniocentesis tests.  I was sure that I would not terminate the pregnancies if the results were not favourable.  Why did I undergo both tests then?  Mainly for peace of mind.  If the tests showed the Little Ones to be fine, then I could enjoy the pregnancies.  If the test results were bad, then at least I would be mentally and emotionally prepared.

I am extremely blessed that they were both born healthy, and that I suffered no complications whatsoever.

First Bundle of Joy
One Day Old 

 Little Man arrived at 38 weeks, on the first day of my break.  I was looking forward to the two weeks of rest from work, and getting the place ready for him, but it was not to be.  I woke up at my usual time, thought blissfully that since I did not have to get to work, I could sleep in a little before organising the place.  I turned onto my side to get comfortable, and my water broke.

Thank goodness my Mum stepped in to help get the house ready while hubby ran around buying stuff we had not gotten yet.  (Thanks Mum!  Love you!  Thanks Hubs!  Love you too!)  I had an emergency C-section with him because he wasn't very cooperative.

Second Bundle of Joy
Three Days Old

Little Lady arrived even more unexpectedly at 36 weeks, one day after I had seen my gynaecologist. I thought I might be having contractions, but the hospital sent me back after monitoring me for a couple of hours and told me I was probably having cramps.  I bore with it till I could no longer take the pain (and the irritation of getting up to relieve the pain).  I was just about to give in and ask the hubs to drive me to the hospital again when I noticed the show.  We all got into the car and went to the hospital, Little Man included, as it was in the middle of the night and I was not going to bear with the pain of driving 25 minutes up north to my in-laws', then 20 minutes to the hospital when the hospital was only 15 minutes away (no traffic because of the time).  I delivered her about half an hour after arriving at the hospital.  I probably could have delivered her sooner, except that I had to wait for my gynaecologist to arrive.

My Two Blessings

I am extremely blessed that they are both healthy, happy and so full of life.

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  1. Oh, am so sorry to hear about what happened with your friends, hope your friend who was in a coma would get better... Thank you for sharing your birth stories, a safe delivery and healthy children are certainly things to be very thankful for. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Hi MamaJ,

      Thanks for stopping by, and for hosting the link party.

      We're all praying hard for her.

  2. Indeed, I just heard some stories from a good friend about her friend whose 3-month-old was diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys, and has to have one kidney removed...Unimaginable trauma, especially when most of the time we hear the happy stories of new borns and new life. We can only keep the faith and pray.

    1. Oh dear! That is just so sad. I'll say a prayer for the little one.



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