Thursday, 24 October 2013

Toilet-training Milestone

The Little Man is growing up. He is in underwear!

This is a toilet-training milestone! Yes, he is only in underwear in the daytime, but it is a milestone nonetheless.

He has actually shown several signs of being ready for toilet-training for quite a while now - he poops regularly and is not constipated, he announces when he is about to pee and poop. I had bought him a children's urinal some time back and he pees in it with no problems whenever he has a shower. He was excited to buy underwear.

However, he absolutely refused to actually *put on* his underwear. R.E.F.U.S.E.D.

A rewards chart for keeping his diaper/underwear clean and dry.

So while we had a reward chart up for him, it wasn't actually encouraging him to give up his diapers at all. And forget about the potty. He wanted to have nothing to do with it at all.

Since he obviously wasn't mentally ready, we left it at that.

Last week, Mr Cuppa had a man-to-man with the Little Man and managed to convince him to put on his underwear. We haven't looked back since. He did have a few accidents, but he is generally good at keeping his underwear dry. He is so proud to be a big boy and in his underwear.

Two days ago, Mr Cuppa convinced Little Man to try pooping in the potty instead of in the diaper, and he did! Yesterday too! Whoohooo! Little Man was mighty pleased with himself.

Let's hope this lasts longer than the last time. About a year ago, Little Man decided to poop in the potty all on his own. He did it for three days. I remember thinking to myself that toilet training wasn't that difficult. Then Little Man decided that he did not like pooping in the potty after all.

But that's not going to happen this time. No Sireee! He's going to keep on pooping in that potty!

These are finally getting used!

Little Man - 3 years 4 months

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