Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Simple Family Outing

The Little Ones were rather restless one evening. A case of cabin fever, I guess from having to stay home for days due to them (including Daddy) taking turns to have the flu. The two little ones were clamouring to go out (Little Lady likes to bring you her shoes to put on for her, Little Man just asks) and since all were no longer flu-y, we decided to go for a short excursion (didn't want to tire anyone out).

We decided to go on a bus ride!

The Little Man insisted on bringing along Cuddly Buzz (He has 4!) from my brother (Thanks, Kor!). Here he is with Cuddly Buzz and their bus cards (Buzz's is purple, naturally).

He made sure Buzz could seeout the window, and to show Buzz all the sights.

Little Lady enjoying the view.

Although it was a very short excursion - we went to the terminus 3 stops away and back again - it was sufficient for them and they came home happy and cooperative.

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