Friday, 27 September 2013

Thoughts about blogging

I find it a little odd to be blogging. On the one hand, it is like the modern day version of writing a journal or diary. Which is good because I get to record the events that take place, and to pen down my thoughts, hopes and fears (when I remember).

But with an audience.

It is the audience that I am somewhat iffy with. I mean, as a blogger, you *want* an audience. The bigger the better. On the other hand, I am an intensely private person. If you look at my personal Facebook page, I rarely share anything personal. Even my own mother complains that I don't share enough with her. As does my husband, come to think of it. So why am I blogging?

I am not really sure. I guess part of it is to be heard, to voice my opinion, to share my experiences and ideas. This is not my first blog. I've blogged on various platforms before, such as Livejournal and Multiply. Multiply has now become a selling platform. Livejournal was my private blog, where names were named, and it was completely random.

I guess I started this blog because I want to blog from a parenting perspective. To share some cool (in my opinion) things I do with the kiddos. To remember the now.

So to placate my intensely private self, I'm not revealing the names of the Little Man and the Little Lady. Nor will I be sharing any information about where we live and so on. I'll do my best to share. I'll do my best to post pictures too, because i) I know blogs are boring without pictures (like this post), and ii) I will appreciate that I kept a record when I look back at the archives in the future.

In closing, to prevent this post from being a complete flop, I'll include a picture that I think captures the name of this blog:

My cuppa for the day and random kid stuff I found in my bag.

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