Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Poopy Adventures

Poor Little Lady. She had such a hard time pooping last night. She cried for a good 30 to 40 minutes while trying to pass motion. And when she finally did, it was so dry and hard. She normally cries when poops, but usually only for a few minutes. I'm not sure why it was especially bad last night.

She's always had a hard time pooping. Unlike her brother, she does not poo everyday, or even every other day. She now poops twice a week. At its worst, she pooped only once a week. But it is always uncomfortable for her when she poops. Even when it is soft and mushy. Come to think if it, it started from birth. We were both given the all clear for discharge, except that she hadn't yet passed out her meconium. I brought that up to the lactation consultant when she popped by for a visit, and she was given a little tummy masage. She only pooped some time after the massage, and then we were allowed to be discharged.

We have no idea why she has problems. She eats her fruit and vegetables, and drinks a lot more water than her brother ever did. The PD, of course, says it is perfectly normal for babies not to poop up to 10 days at a time. But the poor dear is soooo uncomfortable, and sometimes in pain, when she poops!

I wanted to bring her to the highly recommended Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic today, but they are closed on Wenesdays! (Luckily I checked before going down.)

In the meantime, I'll just have to keep massaging her regularly.

Contrast this to her brother who has no problems pooping whatsoever. He often poops twice a day too! I still remember changing his diaper one time when he was still an infant. I lifted his butt up(holding him by the legs) to remove the wet diaper, and at that precise moment, a stream of poop flowed out in an arc, onto the cot, the rails and onto the floor. I jumped out of the way, but some managed to get onto me nonetheless. There were a couple more episodes of flying poop with him, but by then, we had learnt to mitigate the mess.

As they say, different children pose different challenges.

What are some poop adventures you've experienced?

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