Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Buzz's Rubbish Truck

The Little Man had the following conversation with my mother at Toys'R'Us.

Little Man: Rubbish truck! Rubbish truck! I like this rubbish truck.
Grandma: Yes. It's a nice rubbish truck. What can it do?
Little Man: (fiddles with the buttons and levers) This is a very good rubbish truck. I want to have it.
Grandma: Well, is it your birthday? Or Christmas?
Little Man: It's Buzz Lightyear's birthday.
Grandma: Oh, so we have to get Buzz a birthday present?
Little Man: Yes. The rubbish truck is for Buzz, not for me.
Grandma: I see. And when is Buzz's birthday?
Little Man: It's TODAY!!!

Needless to say, they walked out of the store with the toy.

Little Man: 3 yrs 3 months

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