Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A rose by any other name...


These are the different names we mothers go by, depending on the age of our children. I can't remember when exactly (close to his turning 2, I think) the Little Man decided to call me 'Mummy' instead of 'Mama', but I do remember that I was rather, how shall I put it, 'emo' about it. It meant my baby was growing up! (Noooo!) No longer a baby, but a little boy. To me, 'Mama' is sweet, tender, innocent, and much preferred.

When I had Little Lady, I was looking forward to hearing her say 'Mama'. Which she eventually did. After 'Deh...Di', 'GeGe' (older brother), 'bo' for bottle, and even 'Beau' the cat. Nope, 'Mama' wasn’t her first word. Not even close.

When she did finally call me 'Mama', it was everything I remembered it to be.  Sweet. Tender. Innocent. (Sigh) 

So I really didn't mind that I was way down her word list. 


… she is already starting to call me ‘Mummy’!  At 14 months!  That is way too soon, Little Lady! Especially since you barely started calling me 'Mama'! You’re barely into your toddler-hood, so what’s this graduating from ‘Mama’ to ‘Mummy’ business?  You’re supposed to call me ‘Mama’ even longer than your brother did.  You are, after all, my second born!  The baby!  My baby!  Always!

To make matters worse, the Little Man is starting to transition from calling me ‘Mummy’ to calling me ‘Mum’.  (Double sigh).  Can all this growing up please slow down just a little? 

I know it is not logical.  They are just synonyms, for goodness sake! And yet, they reflect my children’s growth and maturity.  Which is supposed to be a good thing.  And it is! 

I guess I just want them to stay young and innocent for as long as possible.  And I guess that is what I’m ... protesting? lamenting? not jumping for joy about?  Which I guess is somewhat selfish of me.

(Hang on a minute there, Little Lady!  You are definitely NOT old enough to drive!  Slow down!)
So while I encourage the Little Lady to call me ‘Mama’ whenever I can, I'll just have to accept that my children are growing up (as well they should), and that these are just the trials that a mother has to undergo in the journey that is motherhood, minor though they may be in the scheme of things.

So, what do your children call you, and what is your personal preference?

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