Friday, 27 September 2013

Thoughts about blogging

I find it a little odd to be blogging. On the one hand, it is like the modern day version of writing a journal or diary. Which is good because I get to record the events that take place, and to pen down my thoughts, hopes and fears (when I remember).

But with an audience.

It is the audience that I am somewhat iffy with. I mean, as a blogger, you *want* an audience. The bigger the better. On the other hand, I am an intensely private person. If you look at my personal Facebook page, I rarely share anything personal. Even my own mother complains that I don't share enough with her. As does my husband, come to think of it. So why am I blogging?

I am not really sure. I guess part of it is to be heard, to voice my opinion, to share my experiences and ideas. This is not my first blog. I've blogged on various platforms before, such as Livejournal and Multiply. Multiply has now become a selling platform. Livejournal was my private blog, where names were named, and it was completely random.

I guess I started this blog because I want to blog from a parenting perspective. To share some cool (in my opinion) things I do with the kiddos. To remember the now.

So to placate my intensely private self, I'm not revealing the names of the Little Man and the Little Lady. Nor will I be sharing any information about where we live and so on. I'll do my best to share. I'll do my best to post pictures too, because i) I know blogs are boring without pictures (like this post), and ii) I will appreciate that I kept a record when I look back at the archives in the future.

In closing, to prevent this post from being a complete flop, I'll include a picture that I think captures the name of this blog:

My cuppa for the day and random kid stuff I found in my bag.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Number Roll

The thing about numbers is that there are so many ways to represent them - digits, words (number name) and quantity. The Little Man is quite good at one-to-one correspondence, but I want to develop his subitising skills (instantly recognising the number of objects in a small group without counting) and sight word recognition, and of course, to help him match-up the different representations of a number.

I started with two empty kitchen paper towel roll holders:

And cut one up into small segments. I also cut a slit so that it would slide over the roll that I had left intact:

I then taped up slit with clear tape, leaving a gap. This is to make sure that the smaller segment does not become too loose. I had to redo this, because although I could manipulate them fine, the Little Man found them too stiff.

I then coloured in a purple match-up line (because that is his favourite colour) on the intact roll, and slid the smaller segments onto it. Viola!

And because we are supposed to be bilingual, I made one segment for the Chinese Language number names too.

To simplify the activity, just use any 2 segments - the digits and the dots, the digits and the words, the dots amd the words, depending on what you want to achieve.

To extend the activity, use three or more segments, depending on your child's ability.

I modified this idea from Laughing Kids Learn.

Little Man: 1 yr 3 months

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, the toys that bring the greatest pleasures are not the expensive, store-bought ones, but the cheap (ok, free) self-made ones.

For example, the Little Man recently made a party hat out of an empty toilet paper roll. He was so pleased with what he had made. He even put it on the Little Lady and she was completely tickled.

Little Man: 3 years 3 months
Little Lady: 1 year 2 months

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A rose by any other name...


These are the different names we mothers go by, depending on the age of our children. I can't remember when exactly (close to his turning 2, I think) the Little Man decided to call me 'Mummy' instead of 'Mama', but I do remember that I was rather, how shall I put it, 'emo' about it. It meant my baby was growing up! (Noooo!) No longer a baby, but a little boy. To me, 'Mama' is sweet, tender, innocent, and much preferred.

When I had Little Lady, I was looking forward to hearing her say 'Mama'. Which she eventually did. After 'Deh...Di', 'GeGe' (older brother), 'bo' for bottle, and even 'Beau' the cat. Nope, 'Mama' wasn’t her first word. Not even close.

When she did finally call me 'Mama', it was everything I remembered it to be.  Sweet. Tender. Innocent. (Sigh) 

So I really didn't mind that I was way down her word list. 


… she is already starting to call me ‘Mummy’!  At 14 months!  That is way too soon, Little Lady! Especially since you barely started calling me 'Mama'! You’re barely into your toddler-hood, so what’s this graduating from ‘Mama’ to ‘Mummy’ business?  You’re supposed to call me ‘Mama’ even longer than your brother did.  You are, after all, my second born!  The baby!  My baby!  Always!

To make matters worse, the Little Man is starting to transition from calling me ‘Mummy’ to calling me ‘Mum’.  (Double sigh).  Can all this growing up please slow down just a little? 

I know it is not logical.  They are just synonyms, for goodness sake! And yet, they reflect my children’s growth and maturity.  Which is supposed to be a good thing.  And it is! 

I guess I just want them to stay young and innocent for as long as possible.  And I guess that is what I’m ... protesting? lamenting? not jumping for joy about?  Which I guess is somewhat selfish of me.

(Hang on a minute there, Little Lady!  You are definitely NOT old enough to drive!  Slow down!)
So while I encourage the Little Lady to call me ‘Mama’ whenever I can, I'll just have to accept that my children are growing up (as well they should), and that these are just the trials that a mother has to undergo in the journey that is motherhood, minor though they may be in the scheme of things.

So, what do your children call you, and what is your personal preference?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Kids Say The Darnedest Things

Conversation between father and son as the Little Man was climbing all over Mr Cuppa.

Daddy: I think I'll call you "Little Monkey".
Little Man: No!
Daddy: Why not? You are climbing and climbing.
Little Man: I haven't learnt to go across the monkey bars yet, so I am not a monkey.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Poopy Adventures

Poor Little Lady. She had such a hard time pooping last night. She cried for a good 30 to 40 minutes while trying to pass motion. And when she finally did, it was so dry and hard. She normally cries when poops, but usually only for a few minutes. I'm not sure why it was especially bad last night.

She's always had a hard time pooping. Unlike her brother, she does not poo everyday, or even every other day. She now poops twice a week. At its worst, she pooped only once a week. But it is always uncomfortable for her when she poops. Even when it is soft and mushy. Come to think if it, it started from birth. We were both given the all clear for discharge, except that she hadn't yet passed out her meconium. I brought that up to the lactation consultant when she popped by for a visit, and she was given a little tummy masage. She only pooped some time after the massage, and then we were allowed to be discharged.

We have no idea why she has problems. She eats her fruit and vegetables, and drinks a lot more water than her brother ever did. The PD, of course, says it is perfectly normal for babies not to poop up to 10 days at a time. But the poor dear is soooo uncomfortable, and sometimes in pain, when she poops!

I wanted to bring her to the highly recommended Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic today, but they are closed on Wenesdays! (Luckily I checked before going down.)

In the meantime, I'll just have to keep massaging her regularly.

Contrast this to her brother who has no problems pooping whatsoever. He often poops twice a day too! I still remember changing his diaper one time when he was still an infant. I lifted his butt up(holding him by the legs) to remove the wet diaper, and at that precise moment, a stream of poop flowed out in an arc, onto the cot, the rails and onto the floor. I jumped out of the way, but some managed to get onto me nonetheless. There were a couple more episodes of flying poop with him, but by then, we had learnt to mitigate the mess.

As they say, different children pose different challenges.

What are some poop adventures you've experienced?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Buzz's Rubbish Truck

The Little Man had the following conversation with my mother at Toys'R'Us.

Little Man: Rubbish truck! Rubbish truck! I like this rubbish truck.
Grandma: Yes. It's a nice rubbish truck. What can it do?
Little Man: (fiddles with the buttons and levers) This is a very good rubbish truck. I want to have it.
Grandma: Well, is it your birthday? Or Christmas?
Little Man: It's Buzz Lightyear's birthday.
Grandma: Oh, so we have to get Buzz a birthday present?
Little Man: Yes. The rubbish truck is for Buzz, not for me.
Grandma: I see. And when is Buzz's birthday?
Little Man: It's TODAY!!!

Needless to say, they walked out of the store with the toy.

Little Man: 3 yrs 3 months

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Teachers' Day

The Little Man is celebrating his first Teachers' Day since he started Playgroup at P and J.

Of course we had to get gifts for his lovely teachers. When I was teaching, I really appreciated the time and effort of the handmade gifts. ( I did definitely appreciate the thought behind the generic store bought gifts too though. After all, it is the thought that counts.). However, based on experience and personal preference, I liked the practical gifts best. And the edible ones.

I had first intended to make cake pop bouquets, but my trial run was rather dismal. So I shelved that idea as I did not have enough time or energy for more trial runs. So I decided to bake some cupcakes and pack them into some nice boxes that the teachers can re-use, instead of using the disposible cupcake boxes. This way, the teachers have something practical and I produce less waste at the same time. Win-win!

I decided to bake two types of cupcakes and bravely (foolhardily?) decided to try out two new recipes - a lemon cupcake and a chocolate cupcake. Thankfully they tuned out yummy! Super fortunately, as I only baked them the day before! (The lemon cupcakes were nice and lemony. The chocolate cupcakes were flavourful and very moist, but strangely seperated from the liners.)

The Little Man asked me to write the message in purple in (of course), and selected and pasted the foam fruit stickers as decoration. He ensured that each one had a purple fruit in there somewhere.

I lined the boxes with baking paper so that the cupcakes would not stain the boxes, hopefully.

The pretty boxes were from Daiso. The Little Man decided which teacher got the pink boxes and which got the red boxes.

One for each teacher:

Some of my friends posted brilliant ideas, such as taking a photo of their child with a big Happy Teachers' Day sign, personally decorated notebooks, tea with a note thanking them for being a great 'tea'-cher.

What did you do?


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