Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Oh my! It's been ages since I posted! My sincere apologies!

Lots has happened since!

The Little Man has turned 3!

The Little Lady has turned 1!

We brought forward our holiday to Perth to escape from the haze, which was particularly bad this year. Although cold because we went in winter, the kids enjoyed Perth tremendously, especially the Little Man. I think it was the mix of the carefree life, coupled with weather that we can spend outdoors in quite a bit. The sheer number of playgrounds both outdoors and indoors was wonderful too! I'll blog more about our experiences later.

The Little Lady can now walk! (She's very cautious, though.) And say 'Daddy' and 'Kor Kor' (big brother). And finally, 'Mama'.
She has 7 little teeth right now too!

The Little Man seems to have shot up and increased in size after the Perth trip. Also, he's now more taken with Toy Story then his trains.

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