Saturday, 13 April 2013

Little Lady 6 - 9 month Update

The Little Lady is growing up much too fast. She's now creeping (crawling on hands and knees, she kind of skipped the belly crawl phase - she did for a while, but was going backwards round and round). She's now pulling herself up to stand and is also starting to cruise (walking by holding on to furniture for support) a little. Slow down, little girl! You are growing up much too fast for me! Where did the little infant go?

It is interesting how different she is from her brother. Even the way she sits up is different. He used to get into a sitting position by pushing himself backwards from his tummy. She gets there by turning on her side. I'm not sure how to describe it. I'll have to observe more carefully next time.

She is reaching her mobility milestones so much faster than he did. Crawling, pulling up to a standing position, cruising, etc...

She drools a lot more than he ever did. In fact, I think that the amount of drool she has produced so far in 7 months has surpassed all that he has ever produced in 32 months. I'm finally utillising bibs.

He was fascinated by lights and fans and the spinning dryer and washing machine and compressors (he is definitely an engineer by nature). She has no such interest. She'll look at them enough to acknowledge their presence but no more. But she does observe everything that is going on, and especially likes to observe people.

She is able to anticipate, and would laugh much more at "one step, two steps" when playing "Round and round the garden" than at "tickle you under there".

Her first tooth is out (8+ months).

She is babbling a lot too, much more than he did age for age.

Her favourite toys at the moment - whatever her brother is playing with, and corner protectors.

She is now eating semi-solids, and is experimenting with gravity and object permanence.

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