Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Little Man's First Book

Does your toddler/preschooler love to make up stories? The Little Man does. He makes up many, many stories a day. Sometimes he makes up the stories by himself, sometimes he asks me (or Grandma, sometimes Daddy) to tell him a story about something specific, such as 10 purple buses, but as you try to tell him the story, he tells you what happens next.

I decided to make one of his stories, Rabbit Foo, into a book, complete with illustration.

I wrote down his story as he told it onto a piece of paper. Next, I printed out a few pictures of rabbits and let him choose one that he liked. We painted it, and when it was dry, cut it out and pasted it, along with the story, onto the insides of a paper file folder.

Materials needed:
File folder
Paper and pen
Printout of story related picture
Paint / colour pencils / crayons
Imaginative story-teller

Little Man: 2 years 9 months.

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