Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Difficulty of Taking a Nice Photograph of This Almost Three Year Old

The Little Man decided to bring his Little Lamb out with him yesterday. It spent most of its time in my bag, until he decided that it needed to come out and see the sights.

I thought he was looking rather adorable, so I decided to take a photograph this rare moment of him with a cuddly toy while out.

Hmm.. Cute, but his face cannot be seen clearly.

"Look at the camera, Sweetie!"

"Hmm... You look rather scared."

"Smile for the camera, Sweetheart!"

"I can't see your smile like that, Dearie."

"Stand up, please."

"Thanks, dear. Can you please face Mummy while you're standing up?"

"Oh my! What a funny face!"

"Smile at the camera, Dearie."

"That's better."

"Oh dear, that was not sharp. Please smile for the camera again, Sweetheart!"


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