Thursday, 21 February 2013

Homemade Felt Ice-Lolly Colour Matching Game

Another busy bag that The Little Man really enjoys. He has played with this numerous times since I made it. It is a good busy bag because it takes up very little space in my bag, but can keep him occupied for fairly long as he does not only use it as intended.

I used store-bought coloured ice-cream sticks as the sticks, and cut up the ice-lolly (popsicle) shape freehand from corresponding colours and sewed the edges with a blanket stitch. As the packet of pre-coloured ice-cream sticks come only in these 5 colours, I only have five ice-lollies.

Possible extensions to this activity, or if your child is older and/or more advanced:
1) write the colour in words on the ice-cream stick,
2) on un-dyed ice-cream sticks, write the names of the colours is corresponding colours,
3) write the name of the colour in black on un-dyed ice-cream sticks.

I find this activity good for developing his fine-motor skills.

When the Little Man was feeling contrary, he made it a point to ensure that nothing matched.

Everything goes into a little zip-top baggie for easy storage and transportation.

Little Man: 2 years 8 months

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