Sunday, 27 January 2013

Homemade Matching Game

I recently made a matching tiles game for the Little Man. They are humongous, about 9cm in diameter.

I used some craft supplies i already had lying around for the circles. I believe they were from Spotlight. Unfortunately, I did not think to take not of the name of the item or take a photo before I made them. The elephants were from a roll of wrapping paper I also had lying around. I used white glue to adhere them onto the 'wooden' circles.

The Little Man likes his new game. He's gets the idea of finding matching pairs, but will uncover every tile till he finds one.

At this size, it is not very suitable as a portable busy bag, but I think it woud make a good game to play in a group, such as on a playdate.

Little Man: 2.5 years

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