Thursday, 10 January 2013

Exploring Colour Mixing with Playdough

So the Little Man has been very interested in colours recently, especially in mixing colours, primary and secondary colours. His favourite colour at the moment is purple, and he loves mixing red and blue paints together to get it.

For some variety, I decided to let him play with colours via playdough rather than paint. This way, I can get him to strengthen his hands at the same time.

So I made up a batch of rose scented playdough in the three primary colours, using t he same recipe I used in this post. I used A LOT of red colouring, and only managed to get a dark pink. I could have used more yellow food colouring for a more vibrant yellow, I guess. He had a hard time waiting for the playdough to be cool enough for him to handle.

When it was finally time to play with it, I put roughly the same amounts of two different primary colours together for the Little Man to mix together. However, he was only interested in the red and blue combination as he knows that will result in purple. As you can see from the pictures, he has his own way of mixing them together as well, with the help of Thomas and Duncan.

I also got in on the fun by mixing together different proportions of colours for different shades of orange, green and purple.

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