Saturday, 26 January 2013

6 Month Update

Wow, time really flies!

The Little Lady is now 6.5 months old!

Has it really been 6.5 months since she was born? She's already experienced her first Christmas and her first New Year.

She's quite a serious baby. Dont get me wrong, she does smile quite a bit, but her hearty laughs are precious and reserved for a special few, like her brother.

I love to cuddle and smell her and shower her with kisses, which gets me rewarded with one of her hearty laughs.

She can currently flip both to her left and her right when on her back, although she prefers to flip to her right. She can flip from tummy onto her back too, but does not do that very often.

She is grabbing things left, right and centre, especially my specs and my nose.

She loves her brother and laughs at his antics.

She much prefers her brother's toys (trains, tracks) to her own (which actually used to be his)..

She loves to talk to the cat.

She enjoys sitting in her activity centre and can entertain herself there for some time, which is great, because it gives me time to do stuff like go to the loo.

Her eyesight is quite good and she can recognize people from quite a distance.

She can pass things from one hand to the other.

She loves to clasp her hands together, just in time for the Lunar New Year!

She hasn't quite got the hang of eating. Even if I leave the spoon in her mouth for a little longer for her to suck at the spoon, more comes out of her mouth than what was put in - food plus saliva. Her meals at moment end up with a fuller bowl than when we started.

She can sit quite steadily on her own, although she hasn't yet figured out how to push herself up to a seating position.

She is able to creep backwards, and practices getting on her hands and knees daily. She can also get into the military 'push-up' position (hands and feet).

She can propel herself forwards on occassion.

She is also very verbal and thus 'complains' a lot.

Comparison to her brother at around the same age (or what I can recall, which is not much):
She is much more verbal and mobile than he was. However, he figured out eating more quickly and had drunk out of a straw by now.

She loves the carrier as much as her brother did. She could be fussing, but will quieten if she sees me putting on the carrier or pouch sling.

She loves baths.

She loves to investigate whatever her brother is doing which elicits a "No, no, no, Meimei (Little Sister) no!"

Little Lady, Mama loves you to bits. Grow up well, healthy and strong, ok?

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