Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Language at 2.5 years (30 months)

I was just reading the entry about the Little Man's Vocabulary at 19 months, and thought I'd update on the situation. The Little Man underwent a language explosion shortly before his 2nd birthday. Im not sure exactly when, but I do remember the comment my father made at his birthday celebrations about how he was talking a lot more after not seeing him for more than a month (42 days +/-).

At 2.5 yrs, he is speaking in full, rather complex sentences and has been for quite a while now. I really cannot remember when he started. He talks all the time now, narrating what he is doing as he plays and making up stories.

Two stories I managed to capture:

One morning James woke up and out popped Percy and Thomas. They went to the forest and waited for Salty. And they all fell into a ditch. - 6 October 2012

One morning, Percy woke up. Out popped Gordon and went down the ramp very fast indeed and started to fall into a ditch. He landed on Percy and Percy cried. James helped all of them. - 19 October 2012

He has completely stopped signing. Up till late September/early October, he was still signing "Please" occassionally, especially when agitated, but that seems to have disappeared completely.

I'm now "Mummy". I think it was around the time he turned two. I miss the "Mama".

He understands comparative concepts, takes on different personas - Percy, James, Skarloey etc, understands cause and effect. However, his sense of the past is restricted to "just now" regardless of if it just happened or if it happened a week or more ago. He also has difficulty with the personal pronouns "me", "myself" and "I".

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