Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Language at 2.5 years (30 months)

I was just reading the entry about the Little Man's Vocabulary at 19 months, and thought I'd update on the situation. The Little Man underwent a language explosion shortly before his 2nd birthday. Im not sure exactly when, but I do remember the comment my father made at his birthday celebrations about how he was talking a lot more after not seeing him for more than a month (42 days +/-).

At 2.5 yrs, he is speaking in full, rather complex sentences and has been for quite a while now. I really cannot remember when he started. He talks all the time now, narrating what he is doing as he plays and making up stories.

Two stories I managed to capture:

One morning James woke up and out popped Percy and Thomas. They went to the forest and waited for Salty. And they all fell into a ditch. - 6 October 2012

One morning, Percy woke up. Out popped Gordon and went down the ramp very fast indeed and started to fall into a ditch. He landed on Percy and Percy cried. James helped all of them. - 19 October 2012

He has completely stopped signing. Up till late September/early October, he was still signing "Please" occassionally, especially when agitated, but that seems to have disappeared completely.

I'm now "Mummy". I think it was around the time he turned two. I miss the "Mama".

He understands comparative concepts, takes on different personas - Percy, James, Skarloey etc, understands cause and effect. However, his sense of the past is restricted to "just now" regardless of if it just happened or if it happened a week or more ago. He also has difficulty with the personal pronouns "me", "myself" and "I".

Felt Christmas Tree

So we put up our Christmas tree and the Little Man kept pulling down the ornaments. To try to distract him from that, I made him his own Christmas tree from felt with felt ornaments. Since felt sticks to felt, I thought he might have fun decorating his own tree and taking down the ornaments again. The success has been mixed. While he does decorate and take down the ornaments on his tree, he still removes the ornaments on the main tree too.

Big piece of green felt. Mine was about 70cm wide and 1m tall.
Sheets of coloured felt, assorted
3M Command strips to attach to wall

I cut one large triangle and then cut tiers and a trunk.
I cut the coloured felt into different shaped ornaments - round, long, bell and one yellow star. i made sure to have ornaments of different sizes so that we could develop his language and mathematical skills as well (colours, size, bigger, smaller.)
Then I attached the tree to a blank wall with 3M Command strips and introduced my boy to his new toy.

He spent some time the to decorate the tree the first time round. After that, he was more interested in taking down all the ornaments and leaving them on the floor. Recently, he has taken to arranging the ornaments to make faces.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Homemade Scented Playdough

I finally made up a batch of playdough for the Little Man. At playgroup, he has finally warmed up to manipulating the bread dough, rather than watch me do it, so I thought he might enjoy playing with playdough. I could have bought some store-bought playdough, but what stopped me was the memory of the smell of store-bought which I dislike (not sure if things have changed since), and the memory of cooking up playdough when I assisted in a kindergarten many, many, many years ago. So I searched throught the internet and found a wealth of playdough recipes! There is a basic/classic one which I based my recipe on, and put my own little twist on it, just because.

The above recipe calls for cooking, but if you have no wish to cook, just replace the 2 cups of water with 2 cups of boiling water. At least, that is the only discernible difference I could gather from the recipes I see online. I haven't tried it myself, though, so don't take my word for it. This recipe though, is wonderfully smooth and I love playing with it too, and my hands smell heavenly afterwards. The glycerin is supposed to make the colour nice and shiny. As I have not made a batch without it yet, I can't make a comparison.

I used the above recipe, but halved it to make two different colours, purple, his favourite colour for the moment (it used to be green), and yellow. For the purple, I mixed red and blue foor colouring, more red than blue, as a little blue goes a loooooonnnng way.

I wanted to engage not only the Little Man's sense of touch, but his sense of smell as well, so I added a few drops of essential oil to the ingredients. To the purple batch, I added some Lavender pure essential oil, and to the yellow, I added some Chamomile. I'll add Rose to red playdough next time. You could always add seasonal scents, for example pepermint for Christmas and so on.

The Little Man most enjoys combining the two colours at the moment. He has fun using cookie cutters and using the playdough to cover his trains as well.


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