Saturday, 24 November 2012



The Little Man more or less has a regular weekly schedule going.  To teach him the days of the week and the passage of time through the week, I came up with a simple schedule/planner for him that shows the different weekly activities, with a train counter that indicates which day of the week it is.  He is rather fascinated with it at the moment and keeps wanting to move the train. :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Missing Pictures

Hmm... my pictures seem to have disappeared. I'll have to sort this out.

Homemade Magnetic Fish Game

Ever since the Little Man and I started Playgroup, I've been bitten by the crafting bug.   It started with the adorable cat I made during Playgroup.  Since then, I've discovered Pinterest, and was inspired to make a magnetic fishing game for the Little Man. 
And so I did. It took me *forever* to finish it, as I was only able to steal moments away from both kiddos to sew. Sometimes, I would get no more than a few stitches in before my attention was needed. Once, I got as far as threading the needle. Anyway, I finally finished it and presented it to the Little Man today. :)
He played with it for a little while, but was more interested with his trains, so we used it as a pond for under the bridge.
For educational/learning purposes, I made them of different colours and sizes, each with a different number of beads.  The beads vary in shape and colour, but are not completely unique - some fish have same coloured beads, and some same shaped beads, for comparison purposes.


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