Thursday, 22 December 2011

SSO Babies’ Prom 2011

Last year, by the time I found out about the SSO Babies’ Prom, the tickets were fully sold out. So this year, when I hear about it, I got tickets as soon as I could. Unfortunately, it was not soon enough, and I only managed to get one ticket. Fortunately, The Little Man is young enough not to require his own ticket (under 2), so that worked out fine.
The SSO Babies’ Prom is in its ninth year, and is conducted by Uncle Peter, Peter Moore, who is based in Western Australia.

That’s The Little Man and I, just before the concert started.  He was somewhat sleepy, as he did not have his morning nap at home, and only fell asleep on the way there. I let him sleep as long as I could in the car, and only plucked him out minutes before this picture was taken.
The concert was great! Uncle Peter took the time to explain the different sections and instruments. The theme for this year was Pirates, and the orchestra started with the theme from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. As for the other pieces, Uncle Peter wove them into the pirate story he told.
The programme was:
BADELT, KLAUS arr. RICKETTS, TED - Pirates of the Caribbean
MASCAGNI – Intermezzo from Cavalleria rusticanaHANDEL ed. BAINES & MACKERRAS - Overture from Music for the Royal Fireworks
KHACHATURIAN - Waltz from Masquerade Suit
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV – Flight of the BumbleBee
KABALEVSKY - Galop from The Comedians Suite
TOWNSEND, J. – Cheerful Cha Cha Cha
FUCIK ed. McALISTER - Entry of the Gladiators, Op.68
TCHAIKOVSKY - Polonaise from Eugene OneginSTRAUSS, J. Snr. ed. McALISTER - Radetzky March, Op.228
I think the Babies’ Prom is a wonderful idea, as this introduces children and babies to classical music in a fun, non-intimidating way, and no one cares if your child makes noise during the concert!
There was lots of audience participation, and my favourite part was when four children from the audience were picked up to conduct Tchaikovsky’s Polonaise. I loved that the orchestra actually followed the conducting of the children, which led to lots of laughs when their conducting was erratic, or when their arms got tired and became slower. The best was when the orchestra held the last note when 2 of the children stopped waving the baton at the crucial moment.
Although The Little One was not dancing and clapping along, he did sit quietly through most of it. He nursed through the last few pieces, and only really fussed just before the last piece, the Radetzky March but stopped as soon as I started dancing. I really got a good workout then!
I’ll have to be on my toes next year, and try to get the tickets earlier, especially since Evan will have to have his own seat by then.

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