Saturday, 17 December 2011

Best4baby Skincare Products

When my little man was younger, I heard about the magical properties of Calendula – it is believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and is often used to promote healing of rashes.
And so when Mum went to Perth, I asked to to look out for some for me. (I didn’t find any in the places I frequent, and didn’t make that much effort into hunting some down.) She came back with Best4baby Calendula Cream and some other organic moisturisers of other brands.
I tried the Best4baby Calendula cream on the Little One’s rashes caused by drool and was pleased when they cleared nicely. I now use it when he has the beginnings of nappy rash and it works like a miracle cream! Generally stops the redness with one application (depending on how severe it was), and prevents rashes from forming!
Since I liked the Calendula Cream so much, I got some of the other products from the Best4baby line and tried them too. I really like the Best4baby Hair and Body Wash.
What I especially like about it is that his skin feels clean and yet smoother and more moisturised after using it. I use it myself – the skin on my face is sensitive, and when I use the Hair and Body Wash to cleanse my face, I find that it is not irritated and is generally less sensitive.
Two other products in the line are the Baby Moisturising Cream and the Mummy Tummy Cream.
I haven’t tried the Mummy Tummy Cream, but the Baby Moisturising Cream is nice and light and absorbs easily without leaving the icky sticky feeling. It has a nice light Lavender scent too. However, I don’t use it much as my boy’s skin is sufficiently moisturised with the Hair and Body Wash, and does not need additional moisturing in this humid climate.
The Best4baby line of products is developed by two naturopaths and is formulated with high quality natural, botanical and organic certified ingredients. It does not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, petroleum derived oils or genetically modified ingredients. Thus, the products are extremely gentle, and I can attest to that. One of the founders suffers from dermatitis and keeps it at bay with the products. Furthermore, they are not tested on animals, which is another plus point for me!
In Singapore, they are available from Pupsik Studio and Baby Bear Studio.

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